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Does the 40% Holiday Bonus apply to the total number of pills. Date : Wednesday 23 56, 2008
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Yes the 40% Extra Product offer applies to the total number of pills you have ordered irrespective of other offers already active. (When the 40% Bonus pills offer is running)

Please select the 40% Holiday Bonus extra pills gift, in the shopping cart, from the Select FREE Gifts box in the right hand side of the page. Even if you do not select this we will add the 40% Holiday Bonus pills.
FAQ Content:
Irrespective of whatever other offers, we will add total of 40% bonus pills to your order. (When the 40% Holiday Bonus pills offer is running)

Example: If you order 90 pills we will add 40% (36 pills) to you order total: 90 + 36 = 126 pills.

Example: We have offers like, Buy 180 get 90 FREE, Generic Viagra™ Soft Tabs 100mg (270 soft tabs) in this case you purchase 270 pills we will add bonus 108 pills, total: 270+ 108 = 378 pills.
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