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15% Commissions On Monthly Sales of $5000.
20% Commissions On Monthly Sales above $5000.

  • Use your website to increase your income
  • Sell world class products at great prices to your website users
  • Great Commissions
  • No Setup Fees, No Reserves
  • Easy to Use and Easy to manage Affiliate program

Affiliate Program -

The myGeneric pharmacy Affiliate program is perfect for people who own websites and are keen on marketing surefire products that will guarantee a huge boost to their income.

At myGeneric pharmacy we do our best to bring to our customers the best in quality and prices by offering popular drugs in their generic form and/or alternate brand names. We offer the same medications at savings up to 80% off the U.S. retail price.

If you have a website, you can start earning commissions immediately by signing up for the Affiliate Program. The result: Great Earnings and Happy Customers with savings varying from 50% to 80%.

How do I join the myGeneric pharmacy Affiliate Program?

All you have to do is sign up on myGeneric pharmacy by filling in the registration form. After your application has been submitted, our Associate Programs Support team will contact you with a confirming that you have been approved as an myGeneric pharmacy Affiliate.

Once you have been approved we will provide you with a list of products and pricing for you to display on your website.

We charge no Setup fees! Signup is 100% Free!

How does the myGeneric pharmacy Affiliate Program work?

Once you have been approved as an myGeneric pharmacy Affiliate, you will be provided with a product and corresponding price list that you can display on your website. All you need to is promote your website and our products on your website. You can access our Associate Program website to read detailed instructions on Affiliate program integration and select any graphic or banner you want to display on your website.

You will also need to incorporate a shopping cart on your website so as your website visitors will be able to purchase products available with When your customer has finished shopping and is ready to pay, you need to transfer him to the myGeneric pharmacy payment gateway where we will process his credit and collect shipping and billing information from your website for the customer.

We have a strong technical support team to give you all the help you need to get your business up and running.

What`s the Commission Plan

myGeneric pharmacy pays the best commissions on the Internet.  
  • 15% commission on order value for total monthly sales below $ 5,000/-
  • 20% commission on order values for total monthly sales above $ 5,000/-
  • No taxes payable
  • No reserves held back
  • The myGeneric pharmacy Affiliate program is completely transparent and 100% Confidential
  • I am not very confident of online marketing.

    Don`t worry. The myGeneric pharmacy program will provide you with regular tips and give you any kind of advice you need to get you started on Online Marketing. Since we have already taken away the headache of Order processing and Customer support from you, all you need to do is concentrate on your marketing efforts. Within weeks, the results will be dramatic.

    Do I get commissions on Returns or Chargeback`s?

    If myGeneric pharmacy receives returns or credit card chargeback`s for any order from your account, then your account will be deducted for any commission that you have earned on that transaction.

    How do I know how much I am earning?

    You will be given a password-protected access to a Reporting module where you can check the status of your commission earned anytime and as often as you like.

    How often do I get paid?

    Payments are made at the end of each calendar month via wire transfer, provided you have accumulated a minimum commission of USD 100/-

    How is the myGeneric pharmacy Affiliate program different from others on the Internet?

  • We charge no Setup Fees, no hidden charges. Joining up is 100% Free!
  • We maintain No Reserves!
  • Excellent Commissions
  • Its one of the easiest programs to use.
  • We have the excellent Prescription medication at competitive prices on the web. Don`t believe us? Check our prices on and see how you can increase your list of happy customers.
  • Excellent Commissions and completely transparent reporting.
  • Our Customer support is thorough and responsible. We also take care of all the after sales customer servicing for you.