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Our pharmaceutical products are equal in all respects to the best branded ones.

We source our generic drugs strictly from those manufacturers in India who supply bulk drugs to the world's leading pharmaceutical firms in USA and Europe. List of regulatory authorities who approve our manufacturers.
  1. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA
  2. Medicines Control Agency (MCA), UK
  3. Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia
  4. Medicines Control Council (MCC), South Africa
  5. National Institute of Pharmacy (NIP), Hungary
  6. Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention (PIC), Germany
  7. World Health Organization (WHO)

A Qualified team works for you

My Generic Pharmacy has on board trained and experienced personnel whose skills and professional qualifications include certified pharmacists, purchase and logistics specialists, packaging experts and export documentation officers. We are probably the only online generic pharmacy from the Asia Pacific region to have such skills available in-house. This team constantly investigates hundreds of pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region to select the best ones whose manufacturing facilities are approved by one or more of the above inspection agencies.

My Generic Pharmacy is an International pharmaceutical supplier offering inexpensive and effective solutions to common health problems. Using a third-party physicians' network, we conduct online doctor consultations in order to write and fill prescriptions. These prescriptions are for generic versions of well-known, brand name pharmaceuticals. Because you're buying generic, you'll get the same treatment but for a greatly reduced cost.

By using the Internet, obtaining a prescription and medication straight to your door has never been this easy. The healthcare industry is changing quickly to keep up with technology, and the Internet offers a revolutionary way for patients and doctors to interact without the hassles of office visits and lengthy waits. You give your information when the timing suits your needs, and the doctors review your medical history and condition when they get online each day.

Simply complete the online consultation, and our third-party, board certified doctors will examine your health history and condition. If they determine that you can be successfully treated with a product from My Generic Pharmacy, your prescription will be written and filled, and shipped to your door. During the process, we will stay in contact via email, to ensure you receive the care and information you expect. You will also receive a confirmation email on the day your product is shipped.

We ship your order to you in a plain, discreet envelope to ensure your privacy. There is no mention of the contents on the package, so no one but you knows that you've ordered from My Generic Pharmacy. This discreet packaging is just one more way that we take care of our valuable customers.


Fax: 001 866-220-4125
Phone: 1 866 266 5571
Email: webmaster@mygenericpharmacy.com

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