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Refund & Returns

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Our Refunds policy

We offer a full refund policy, which means in case an order isn't fulfilled within a period of 15 days from the order payment date  (Please allow us another week in case of unforeseen delays inherent in shipping internationally.),  we will reimburse you all of what you have been charged.(If you do not receive the product) In this case the due amount will be refunded to the originating credit card bank account. Alternatively we can re-ship the order upon your request.

Our Returns policy

If the product is damaged, you can return the product back to us, we will re-ship the order at no cost to you.

While we ensure that all medication sold through this website is 100% compliant with US FDA import regulations (as we do not ship banned products or narcotics) it is possible that there may have been a policy/rule change at recieving country's end during the transit period of your shipment which may result in confiscation or destruction of the consignment by customs.

In case of seizure, please contact webmaster@mygenericpharmacy.com for a free reshipment or refund.

Free replacements will also be entertained if inadvertantly a wrong product has been shipped by our dispatch team. In such an event we shall not ask you to return the product to us but destroy it at your end to prevent misuse and harm. In the unlikely event of such a situation please email us for prompt action.

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