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Buy Online Generic Imdur, Isosorbide, for USA, Europe, Canada, and Japan from my Generic Pharmacy

Isosorbide mononitrate is used to prevent angina (chest pain) caused by coronary artery disease (heart disease). It does not work fast enough to relieve the pain of an angina attack that has already started.
Isosorbide mononitrate belongs to the group of medicines called nitrates. It works by relaxing the blood vessels and increasing the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart while reducing its workload. When used regularly on a long-term basis, this helps prevent angina attacks from occurring.

This medication is also known by other name brand as Ismo Monoket.
Generic Imdur (tm) Isosorbide mononitrate 10, 25, 30, 60mg
Generic Imdur (tm) 10 mg
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