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Vitamin E 400mg (100 Pills)

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Generic Name : Vitamins
Therapy : Vitamins
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Vitamin E 400mg (100 Pills)

Brand : Vitamins
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Evion is a Vitamin E Supplement that is generally used to treat or prevent vitamin E deficiency that is rare but could lead to myopathic and neurological disorders. This supplement has fat-soluble vitamins that deliver antioxidant properties on free radicals without the formation of another free radical in the process. This medicine is also used to treat muscle spasms and fatigue.
This capsule has been indicated for intermittent claudication, nocturnal muscle cramps, and fibrocystic breast disease therapeutic management.
Provides aid in medical conditions such as cases of intermittent  claudication, muscle cramps, and fibrocystic breast disease used as a dietary supplement in malabsorption syndrome.
Beneficial in male fertility.
Reduction in risk of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).
Widely used to improve vitality and vigor
How to use
Evion is available in tablet form that must be taken as per the doctor's prescription. The medicine must be taken same time every day to achieve the most benefits from it.   
Storage Instruction
Store at room temperature
Store in a cool dark, and dry place
Protect from direct sunlight
Safety Information
Read the instruction label carefully before use.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.
Do not exceed the recommend dose or use it more frequently.
Consult the doctor if allergic to the medicine or its ingredient.
Use under a healthcare professional.


1. What is Vitamin E and what is it used for?
Vitamin E capsule is a manmade supplement consisting of vital vitamin E nutrients. This nutrient capsule promotes and improves hair and scalp nourishment, skin health and maintains the health of the eye in addition to antioxidants properties support.

2. When and how to use Vitamin E?
Vitamin E is available to us in a form of a capsule that must be taken by mouth once a day daily or as per your doctor's prescription. Swallow the capsule whole rather than chewing or crushing it in your mouth. The capsule must be taken at the same time daily to get the most benefits from it. Do not increase the dose or take it more often than prescribed.

3. What are the side effects of Vitamin E?
Common side effects observed when high doses of vitamin E are used include nausea, stomach cramps, weakness, blurred vision, bruising, diarrhea, fatigue, headache, rash, bleeding, etc. Consult your doctor if these conditions persist or get worse.

4. Is Vitamin E Good for Skin Whitening?
Certain Vitamins play an important role inside our body to maintain or boost the health of skin that includes its nourishment. Vitamin E is one of such vital nutrients that helps to increase skin whitening and health.

5. What are the benefits of using vitamin E?
Vitamin E is a vital mineral supplement that provides certain benefits to our body that includes improvisation and maintenance of eye health, nourishment of hair and scalp, promotes healthy and nourished skin, etc.

6. Is Vitamin E supplement safe during pregnancy?
Vitamin E supplements are considered safe during pregnancy when taken as prescribed or the standard amount by a doctor or health professional. Excess or increased use of Vitamin E supplements could cause harmful effects on the womb or nursing child.

7. How to store Vitamin E Capsules?
Vitamin E must be stored at room temperature i.e. around 25-30 degrees centigrade. It does not necessarily require to be refrigerated. Store the medicine away from sunlight, heat, or moisture. The supplement must also be kept away from the reach or sight of children and pets. 

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